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With so many exciting activities to do, you might feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities.

We have everything you need to explore Thailand's rich culture — we're less than an hour away from Ang Tong National Park and also close to Koh Phangan, famous for its infamous Full Moon Parties.


Full Moon Party


The Full Moon Party is the ultimate experience for those who want to party all night before the sun comes up. You'll witness the most spectacular part of Thailand's nightlife - a great party on one of the wildest beaches in Asia. Dance, flirt, and have a blast with people from countries all over the world.



Island Tours

Discover the hidden gems of Koh Samui’s Sister Islands. With our Island Tours, you'll have a chance to see the best of what Gulf of Thailand has to offer.
Visit Ang Tong National Park to view Thailand's diverse islands or even visit Pig Island

Night Markets


Night markets are full of activities and food that you can enjoy after a long day of exploring. Browse through vendors selling clothes and souvenirs or buy some delicious dishes to take back home as a reminder of your trip. 




Experience Chaweng's World Famous Clubs, the Lady Bars, and the best restaurants for a special night out after dark. Imagine a whole night dedicated to your favorite things- eating, drinking, dancing, and making new friends. If you're looking to have a good time in Thailand, this is the perfect place to be!


Jungle Tours


Are you looking for an adventure that will take you back to nature? Embark on an unforgettable journey into the depths of a jungle and explore its wonders! From exotic wildlife to hidden hiking trails, a jungle tour promises an exciting experience that will make all your adrenaline-seeking dreams come true. Discover the secrets of the jungles and explore its unique biodiversity as you embark on one of the most thrilling adventures ever!



Sight Seeing

From exploring historic temples and monuments, to sightseeing in the bustling cities, there is much to learn about this fascinating culture. With its rich history and diverse geography, Thailand is a great place for travelers who want to discover more about this unique country. From learning about Thai customs and traditions to visiting interesting spots, delve into the mysteries of ancient Siam and enjoy an unforgettable journey of discovery!

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